Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pinterest: 100, Kelsey: 1

A strange and wonderful thing happened this weekend. I actually made something that appears on Pinterest.

After viewing little stools made from file crates on the blogs of people who actually have it together (here, here, etc), and, more importantly, seeing these stools in action in the classrooms of two of my awesome coworkers, I decided to try to make them.

Something you should know about me: I am not very good at making things.

Something else you should know: I hate, hate, hate asking people to do things for me, especially things that inconvenience them.

I overcame the not being good at making things part of the equation and bought my crates, fabric, and batting to fill the cushions. The hard part was asking someone at Home Depot to cut pieces of wood to the right size for me, because I have an unfortunate lack of power tools in my apartment. Both coworkers assured me that the people who cut their wood had no problem doing it, and one even had it done for free from scraps. So, I sucked it up and headed in with my crate.

Long story short, it took FOREVER, about 7 prototypes, and a very long line of people behind me before the right size piece of wood was created and duplicated for each of my crates. I felt about an inch high. Everyone was super nice about it, but I can't stand to cause anyone any inconvenience at all, so I hated every second of it. I grew up with my dad and grandpa doing woodworking stuff, so next time I will have to save this kind of project for my dad and I to do.

Anyway, in the long run, they didn't come out bad at all! Feel free to experience my creative process below.

My supplies: Crate, hard-won wood, batting, scissors, remnant fabric, tacks, hammer.

Then you kind of awkwardly tack on the fabric and cram the batting in while you watch White Collar

Should end up sort of like that. 

And then put it on the top of the crate!

I had to make a "boy one," of course (Go Dawgs)

The finished set!

The score is still far in the favor of Pinterest, but I think I'm gaining.

P.S. 5/6 of these broke the first day. PINTEREST WITH THE REBOUND!

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  1. I love these! I use a crate with a pillow on it for a desk chair now. Perhaps I should make it into a real cratechair like you.

    I'm uber proud of your pinterest success. Remember that one time you made your sister a scarf with words on it and the cardboard slab took up the kitchen for days? I miss this.